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Recently I started recording a new bunch of songs for 2018. Join the mailing list to stay up to date or follow my gigs on bands in town. Until then you can listen to and purchase my music try my Band Camp Shop here. "Exit Wounds" is Available.

Exit Wounds is 6 songs about love and friendship... not unique topics but ones that are on all our hearts. Relationships between people are tricky, difficult and amazingly joyful all at the same time. The first two songs Wave of Love and If love is a Secret are about those first moments of realisation...

She Don't Need Him Anymore is about losing and gaining.. the flow between one relationship to another. Exit Wounds is about the devisatation of losing the one you love and Goodbye Beautiful Dream is about saying goodbye to hopless dreams. Prison Walls Fall Down started life as a prayer for a freind of mine (You can see the original version in the video above). On this EP it is direct address, a communication of hope for the future.

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